New EDM Single 'Welcome to my party' from Sound Machine

Sound Machine Welcome to my party (Artwork).JPG

Artist: Sound Machine (Band)/Sunil Bhatia (Artist)

New Release: Welcome to my party

Genre: EDM, Techno

Located in: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This song is...
This an Instrumental EDM, Techno track with a faster beat. Can be a Club Dance number also. Have been making Indie Music as a Singer, Songwriter and Composer with English and Hindi songs over the years and have also released 2 Bollywood songs as composer/lyricist in the past.

The music we are creating is...
Endeavour to create a new experience with each track which is mostly experimental. Some of the numbers border on Movie/TV Background/Thematic music category and tell a story as their titles suggest. Being interested in Movies, have added those musical elements and one may get a dramatic sense and feel in some of the present and earlier numbers. Though being the last track of this album with the same name, 'Welcome to my party' is hopefully in continuity with the previous ones. Though the tracks are different in arrangement and sound at times, have not tried to deviate from the pleasant tones to leave their listening to one's imagination as the title suggests. The tracks are with artwork chosen in line with the title and production of the tracks.

Right now we are...
Working on more tracks at the moment, hopefully with vocals. Have also released a Fiction/Humour/Self Help book called "My Feathered Friends & The Book of Poems-Part 1" which is available online.