Behind the Music with Stacy Gabel on Straight to Voicemail

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Band Name: Stacy Gabel

Song name: Straight to Voicemail

Music Genre: Pop - Adult Alternative - Theatrical Pop

I live in: The Lehigh Valley - Just north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Link to play:

Have you ever had a creeper continuously calling you? This song is for all the girls or guys who have dealt with that trolling caller and find themselves ducking for cover. It’s time to drop that volume down low and send them “Straight to Voicemail.”

My music is...
an intelligent blend of pop and musical theater delivered by the warm vocal sound of a young ingénue. I am inspired by talented musicians and performers in all genres who are at the top of their game. I have always been a singer and performer and am always striving to be a better musician.

Creating music allows me the freedom to express myself and has helped me to form a closer connection with my fans and my audience. I love to connect with people through song and lyrics.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
This particular song has been pivotal in my career. It's the first single I'm releasing as a solo artist. The song and music video captured my personality and it combined all the elements of my brand: The musical talent of an award winning singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar, a sweet female voice with a strong message of empowerment which audiences will relate to, all mixed together with smart lyrics and a twist of playful humor and fun thrown in.

The production of this song and video combined my musical talents along with my TV production background. I brought together a great team of talented people: Award winning Producer & Arranger Louis Anthony deLise and Pro videographer Travis Eisenhard. Of course, I must also credit all my current and future fans & friends who have been and continue to support me along the way. The fans are the ones who are making this a successful project.

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What most inspires you?
I have always been a singer, performer and entertainer. I was shy as a child and would sing, write alot and often make up songs and stories as a creative means of expression.

I began mainly writing for myself while all along I was striving to become more confident and comfortable as a performer. It took me a long time to play my songs for others. And now that I started to overcome that obstacle, I am living in a whole new world and doors are opening up for me musically. It has given me more confidence in my day to day life and relationships.

My favorite instrument is the voice because people have the most control over it and if taken care of has the ability to touch the soul of others. 

I believe the human voice is the most beautiful sound and it truly connects people to each other.

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The music business:
Well, after just going through my first official launch of a single, I can honestly say that writing the song was the easiest part of the process. Music brings people together but it takes time to find the right team and to reach those dedicated loyal fans.

I am still learning how to promote my music and how to maneuver my way through the business side. There are so many creative talented people who have the ability to create music but it takes a special talent to sort through all the crap that comes along with the music business. It's hard to know who to trust and which avenues to pursue but in the end, I always follow my heart and my gut.

My best advice to others is to trust your instincts. And with each business decision you make, remember that in the end... it's only music!!!! Music is my passion and it's what drives me to inspire others to follow their dreams and their passions. Music is a necessity of life... people need to be entertained, especially in the fast paced, socially unconnected society we live in today. We're virtually connected more than ever and music is how we can express ourselves to others. Besides that, life is short. Everyone needs to out and enjoy it!! That's what I'm doing and will continue to do each and every day. Live life to the fullest!!


Host Jacqueline Jax joins Stacy Gabel to discuss the launch of her first official single and video ‘Straight to Voicemail’. Important discussions: Understanding the production process as an artist starts to professionally release music. How to balance your music budget and creativity to achieve a successful launch. Things you need to consider before your next music launch. And how social media has changed the musicians position in the biz. Listen to the Interview.