Debut Single Just Released from Stacy Gabel 'Straight to Voicemail'

Stacy Gabel StacyGabel-StraighttoVoicemail_Web_04423.jpg

Artist: Stacy Gabel

New Release: Straight to Voicemail

Genre: pop - Adult Alternative - SingerSongwriter - Theatrical Pop

Located in: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania USA (Allentown if you need a specific city)

My first release as a solo artist. This song is an empowering upbeat song with a catchy hook and smart lyrics. It addresses the common issue of cliche pet names by those who are not your significant other. Everyone has faced this issue at some time. The song captured my personality and used my smart lyrics to convey my message in a fun, playful way with some humor thrown in. I play acoustic guitar on the track and other instrumentation would

The Music…
This release is important because it is the first single I am putting out to the world. I am hoping it will help me to build a fanbase that will continue to follow me as I release the next few songs that will become my album. The music I will be putting out will be produced and recorded at the utmost highest professional level and will be complemented with a professional music video.

This independent artist is doing everything she can to reach a broader audience and to connect with them by having great quality music that they will enjoy and relate to. This release is important because it will give me the support and foundation to allow me to continue to pursue my passion as my career.

Right now we are...
Releasing my new single and music video, Straight to Voicemail -