Behind The Music Steve Parisien with Spend a Little Time With Me

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Band Name: Steve Parisien

Song name: Spend a Little Time With Me

Music Genre: Jazz

I live in... Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

Link to play:

This is about a person trying to get the attention of another person to spend time together. I write instrumentals and am mostly jazz oriented although I have written other genres with degrees of success. Music is always in my head and frankly, in everyone's head.

In my case as with most artists, I believe music drives me. It's my world in which I can communicate and touch people worldwide. Music is the universal language and is understood by everyone. I don't know any other language other than English that I was born and raised with. However with music, I feel I reach everyone to one degree or another.

How do you think this release represents your current direction?
This particular song is the classic jazz/swing style that's been heard over the course of decades. It's kind of a Michael Buble approach in style and performance I believe. I originally wrote this as an instrumental with the title (aka) 'September Swing' that was briefly mentioned in our last radio interview and is why I'm submitting this now. Marco Mazzei of Fallen Highway Studios in Brisbane AU., heard the tune and suggested lyrics be written and further produced. He hired a lyricist, tried a few different studio singers and along with a few changes to some of the tracks, produced this song which we are both quite pleased with.

What most inspires you?
This is a topic we covered in an earlier interview and nothing much has changed. I was raised in a music environment. My father had several music stores in Ottawa and I was forever exposed to all aspects of the music industry. I did everything from teaching music, sales, instrument repairs and also, doing live sound of different genre bands and performing artists.

I create music because it's part of my 'DNA' instilled into my head as a young child. I have no choice but to think everything in terms of music. If I hear a machine running as an example, I start to sing harmony to the frequencies of what that machine is putting out. Doesn't matter what it is, in my head, there's music there somewhere. It certainly does drive my wife nuts sometimes. LOL!

As an indie artist, how do you feel about the music industry today?
I think the music industry is divided into two sections. The first is put simply, 'cut throat'. I don't think it needs much of an explanation and any artist will back that. This covers everything from streaming services to how an artist or song is marketed which in many cases, has nothing to do with quality of either.

The second part is the opposing in which I believe and know from first hand conversing with producers and publishers, there are those that fight the industry in general trying to get quality music and artists recognized in the business. AVA Radio as an example, is there specifically for this reason. There are publishers big in the field as well, doing the same thing.

In my case, I keep in contact with those publishers and producers who in return, welcome my music and 'push' it on my behalf. I am truly grateful and appreciative of these peoples efforts.

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Interview coming up…

Steve Parisien speaks with Jacqueline Jax about his experience on the new Jazz collaboration “Spend a little time with me.” The process of writing with other artists across the miles and merging their influences with your own. You can hear his passion for music and songwriting. They also speak about the current state of social media and how the future looks for indie artists. Where you should focus your attention and how to find a good promotional balance using the right pages for your work.