Behind The Music with Suagee on 'Everything About You'


Band Name: Suagee
Song name: Everything About You
Music Genre:: Hip-Hop/R&B

I live in: Shreveport, Louisiana

This song is about LOVE! My music is different and it's on time because what is playing today is not real hip-hop music. I truly feel its time for us to get back to loving hip-hop music, we have forgotten about how it started.

A piece of music advice that has forever changed my way of thinking it to just stay true to yourself. That's where I'm at day to day.

If I do my job well, my stories may be helping others with their dreams. I love to see people happy when they hear my music. The music business has changed so much, the internet made it easy to put out music now. The only thing is staying on top of your sales online is a struggle but with some focused effort it can be done.  - Suagee Cooley

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Jacqueline Jax speaks with Suagee about getting into the studio and creating music that comes from life experiences. What it's like to pursue an artists dream. Artists have no end, just an ever evolving journey of experiences. We also play his new single "Everything About You" and speak about his upcoming release, "I'm The One" coming up as the third single releasing from Suagee this year.. He's also writing a book and plans on working on completing the project hopefully by the end of 2018. It's a great day in music and we hope you'll join us for it.

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