New Released Sunil Bhatia 'Cybertronic Affair'

Cybertronic Affair ava sunil bhatia.png

Artist: Sunil Bhatia
New Release: Cybertronic Affair
Genre: Electronic Rock

This is the second track from the album called 'Sound Machine'. Essentially a dance tune, it has been composed and created in lines with the Album's name. The feel of these tracks is popular Rock Music tones and playing style along with present day sounds.

The Music Business is ever evolving and being a Musician today is challenging, yet exciting as there are so many different forms and genres of music and ways of presenting them these days. Creating music apart from being liberating, is also very satisfying once it hits the right chords with its listeners. Have always tried making music which is not genre or age specific for a wider listening, and believed in finding new sounds and styles along with the traditional ones which are pleasing to the ear. If it can connect with the listeners, there's nothing more that one would want.
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