New Techno Pop Single from Sunil Bhatia 'Hymn of the sound machines'

Hymn of the Sound Machines sunil bhatia.png

Artist: Sunil Bhatia
New Release: Hymn of the sound machines

Genre: Electronic Ambient Techno Pop

This track is a combination of eastern and western sounds and percussion and created with the added layer of a chamber sound of a chorus. The thought behind it is on the album called ‘Sound Machine.’ How would these Machine pray, so the concept of a hymn came up with all the sounds which were used in the track. This track was created earlier, however eventually fitted in the concept of the album.

The music business is…
very invigorating as music is one of the earliest forms of expression. Styles have changed over time, however it continues to touch the hearts of so many people. Being a musician today is an ever learning experience and the opportunities to create new sounds is limitless with the available technology. Love creating music because whatever new comes out in every track is another form of sound and music. Anything new is always refreshing provided it sounds right.

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