Mumbai composure Sunil Bhatia releases a new single 'The Awakening'

The Awakening sunil bhatia.png

Artist: Sunil Bhatia
New Release: The Awakening

Genre: Electronic Pop Rock, Psychedelic, Symphonic, Movie, Theme

Am a Singer, Songwriter and composer based out of Mumbai have given two Bollywood songs and released tracks as an Independent Artist. Also an Author/Poet.

This is the 5th track from the album ‘Sound Machine’ with a more simpler arrangement and symphonic sound.

The music business is very invigorating yet not easy to get through at the same time. There are so many talented artists trying to make their mark, however it’s the listeners acceptance which eventually matters.

An artist is always in the space of doing what they like or attempting to evolve with what people like. The changing soundscape primarily due to technology is creating choices for the listeners who have several options within music genres and in the entertainment industry as a whole. Music which is relevant in these times is what would eventually find meaning.

Spotify not available in India at the moment.