New Single from Sunil Bhatia Sound Machine 'Zelda'

Artist: Sound Machine (Artist : Sunil Bhatia)

New Release: Zelda

Genre: Electronic Rock

Located in: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This song is...
This is a new track by Sound Machine created with the elements of Electronic, Rock and Symphonic Music. It may fall in the genres of Club/Lounge and Cinematic Music at the same time.

The music we are creating is...
The content being put out is with the belief that the openness and evolving of the market would absorb it. The diversity in music that listeners are willing to hear only allows new music to test itself while keeping the elements of popular genres in mind. These genres which have moved listeners over the years creating a following of its own have stayed back in some form or another. Hope that the music is well received as only then an artist would know whether the direction is correct or not. An artists challenge is always to create something which listeners are able to relate to, at the same time be true to ones soul and style. Have been creating pop rock songs in the past, but making these tracks has been a different experience altogether. Have tried adding artwork which complements the music.

Right now we are...
Am working on some more tracks at the moment and doing a bit of writing also. May add vocals to some of them. Lets see how things unfold.

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