Behind The Music with African Band The B.U.G.s on Kibudi

Band Name: The B.U.G.s (Beautiful Underground Gods) is composed of Orakle Ngoy (Lead Singer), Marc Lag (Music and arrangements), BM (Singer).

Person Interviewing: Marc Lag

Song name: Kibudi
(wake up)

Music Genre:: Congo, Spoken rock, Rock, Rap, Tekno

I live in Kinshasa, the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. The country is coming out from 20 years of war and previously 30 years of dictatorship. Today, even if people struggle on daily base, Kinshasa is still alive and remains an open sky experimental laboratory for art and music.

This song is a call from the heart of the people living in Kinshasa for peace and brighter future. It speaks about the every day struggle in Kinshasa, the necessity to fight and go forward despite all adversities, poverty, violence and insecurity.

It is a call for change and a brighter future in a country where people have seen and experience too much rain and pain, and want to see more sun shine in there life, more smile in the eyes of the children.

Link to play::

The B.U.G.s are born from the encounter of two musical universes. It is a mix between Orakle's Hardcore Rap from Kinshasa and Marc's Rock/Tekno music. This music also is the demonstration that music in Congo is not just a cliché from the past but is still alive and creative.

We want to show that music in Congo is not just rumba and other clichés that comes in the mind of people when they hear Kinshasa. Music in Kinshasa is alive, experimental and in touch with the world and what is done in Africa and in the world. This first release is a demonstration of the vivacity and creativity of the musicians in Kinshasa who can go beyond the clichés and bring new sounds, new energy and show to the world that Congolese music is still alive and modern.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?: 

Orakle would say "always be creative and open minded". Marco would say "believe in you and keep on working". All in all, you can resume it in "always remind creative and believe in your music".


Jacqueline Jax speaks with Marc Lag about making music in Africa. The infusion of African Congo, Spoken rock, Rock, Rap, Tekno to reflect the diverse experience of music in Kinshasa. They also spoke about the music business and the struggles that Africans artists have in staying connected to widen their audience. 

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