Behind The Music with Kristin Moura on Tidal Wave

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Artist: Kristin Moura

Song name: Tidal Wave

Music Genre: Pop

I live in... Boston, MA

Even though there are so many things "crashing down" around us; we can still be lifted from the ground and still come out on top. So much of what goes on in life can either bring us down or up and its up to us to decide that path. The song is an upbeat reminder to stay positive throughout all the crazy.


My music is symbolic of life.
I want to have a deeper meaning behind the lyrics that people can relate to. Its not so much about the music itself; but the words that are coming across that can help someone the most. It only takes a word to get someone to think and open up about what is going on.

My current direction in my music is different from years ago.
It’s been amazing to work with others and collaborate with different songwriters on my music. It really helped open up what I wanted to say and think about my own lyrics and how I wanted it to sound. A lot of what I've been working on these last couple months has been a more of a singer/songwriter vibe and not so synth driven like my past work. I like both sounds; but if we want to look at things realistically. If you want to connect with someone, we need to dial it back some and be more vulnerable to get people to listen to the lyrics.

The best advice I've been hearing is to not just settle for what’s in front.
The best advice I've been hearing is to not just settle for what’s in front. Explore all the different paths in front of you. Don't shy away from newer opportunities because you are comfortable where you are at. You may want to say yes and explore other peoples ideas. Within doing that, I have had the chance to explore myself musically and have created a new sound; that I wouldn't have seen myself doing. It’s opened up other opportunities for licensing. Music is therapy. It’s a universal healing power we all have.

New Episode: 661 Behind The Music with Kristin Moura on Tidal Wave

Kristin Moura chats with Jacqueline Jax about creating songs and working with a producer in the studio. How to find your comfort zone with new people in the studio. How she’s accomplished her goals for the month and what her plan is for 2019.

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