Behind the Music with The PondHawks on River Grove


Chicago indie band The PondHawks launch a single that celebrates their hometown of River Grove where dreams are possible and life is well lived.

Band Name: The PondHawks
Mario Novelli, Jorie Gracen, Anthony Melnick, Michael Gillespie, Sam Svita

Person Interviewing: Mario Novelli & Jorie Gracen

Song name: River Grove
Music Genre: Pop/Folk

This song is about...
 “River Grove” takes you on a magical journey to a “special” place where those who lived, will always call home. The song describes the beauty, the warmth, and the closeness of it’s people. It is a place where dreams are possible and where life is well lived. River Grove is also the hometown of The Pond Hawks.

My music is...
An eclectic array of our feelings, experiences and imagination presented as an "audio-extension" of our minds, waiting to be shared.

Link to play:

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
Our latest musical release "River Grove" is a return to the roots of our early acoustic days, which we thought was essential due to the nature of the song. It’s always important to remember where you came from, no matter where life takes you.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
The only rule that applies to ones creation of music is, be true to thyself.

The music business...
There are still too many hands in the same pocket. Being a musician today is tricky but an open field of opportunities. An artist doesn’t have to be signed to a record label to be played on the radio. This gives the artist complete control over their music and with the help of social media an artist can cultivate a worldwide fan base who will support and spread the word about their music.

Why do you love to create music?
For us, it’s a basic need like eating and sleeping. We want to touch peoples’ hearts and souls with our music and/or lyrics. This in turn brings us inner happiness. We believe that creating songs out of thin air is a supernatural phenomenon, where we become the vehicle.

We are looking forward to ..
Creating the next album and bringing to life the ideas inside our heads. I love the process of making music and the surprises that journey brings. Jorie

I enjoy the editing process of blending pieces of songs into full works. That process is exciting and there’s much to be tweeked along the way. You never know where you will end up so you just have to let it evolve naturally. Mario

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New Episode 673 Behind The Music with  The Pond Hawks on River Grove

Chicago indie band The Pond Hawks launch a new single that celebrates their hometown of River Grove where dreams are possible and life is well lived.  Discussing their meet up at Beatles fest, Jories Paul McCartney music photography and book, the importance of remembering your roots and how indie artists are capturing opportunities to grow online through imagery and unique content.

All of Paul McCartney “I saw him standing there” 174 pages of photographs and stories.

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