New Release from The Refusers 'Playing With Fire'

The Refusers ava.png

Band Name: The Refusers

Name of song: Playing With Fire

Genre  : Rock, Alternative Rock

The Refusers song Playing With Fire is an anthem about the Orwellian oxymorons defining the US: “Freedom is slavery/Ignorance is strength/War is Peace/Nation of sheep/Playing with Fire.” An album called Disobey by a group called The Refusers, you can’t get any more defiant than that, that is exactly what rock and roll is supposed to be. We embody that classic spirit of defiance that defines rock in any era! Cashbox Magazine proclaimed “The Refusers are one of the best indie rock bands plying their trade today.” Indie Music Review raved “one of the finest rock albums you’ll hear in 2018."