New Music video from The Refusers

Band Name: The Refusers
Song: Playing with Fire
 Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock

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The video is a psychedelic, wild technique moving breathing pulsating art form that unites Orwell’s 1984 theme of dictatorial oppression with modern 2018 society’s creeping tolerance for surveillance and domination. “Freedom is slavery/Ignorance is strength/War is Peace/Nation of sheep/Ruled by Wolves/Owned by pigs/Playing with Fire.”

The album 'Disobey' blends blazing guitars, innovative rock grooves and laser-focused songwriting on the hot-button issues of today. The song Playing With Fire is a classic guitar-driven rock anthem that cynically mocks the Orwellian double-talk puppet masters use to enhance their power and oppress their subjects.

The Refusers announced the official release of their new 9-song record Disobey on July 27th. The incendiary new album, fueled by the insanity of the Trump era, social injustice, congressional corruption, and the gap between the haves and have nots– is an epic call to refuse to accept the messed up way things are, fight back, and yes, disobey.

The Refusers drive their manifesto to get people thinking and empower them, with solid rock and roll. The band of accomplished musicians includes Michael Belkin (guitars/songs/lead vocals); keyboardists Eric Robert (who has performed with Keb’ Mo’) and Joe Doria (who contributes a powerhouse B-3 organ solo on “Eruption”); drummer Brendan Hill from Blues Traveler; and bassist/vocalist Steve Newton.

Disobey has already been receiving enthusiastic praise from the media. "Cashbox" proclaimed, “The Refusers are one of the best indie rock bands plying their trade today....'Disobey' is a call to arms, but it’s an immensely artful collection as well....this new album will further solidify the band’s position as one of the most individualistic rock acts working today.” "No Depression" called the new album " of the more solid rock releases in recent history", and Indie Music Review raved, "There’s enough of a mix in styles on the album to make ‘Disobey’ one of the finest rock albums you’ll hear in 2018."



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