Behind the Music with Hans von Bell The Soul Exchange on Right Here

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Band Name: The Soul Exchange
Interviewing: Hans von Bell

Song name: Right Here

Music Genre: Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal / Hard Rock

I live in... Stockholm, Sweden

Link to play:

The song is by no means a political statement but we are aware and concerned of what is happening to our planet, with pollution and global warming etc. The song is an outlook on mother Earth and the fact that this is our only planet and we are Right Here!

My music is...
I personally come from the 70's and 80´s classic rock scene, although being inspired by that era, we strive for a contemporary sound, mixing a brew of classic rock and modern metal with a touch of prog. When writing music, I often get inspired by movies. I also look at the music itself as a film or a journey, that will take you to new exciting places and that you don't really know what will happen next.

Every song is a musical journey. In The Soul Exchange, although the music is mostly guitar driven riff based tunes, we still pay a lot of attention to creating grand vocal melodies and big choruses. The Soul Exchange often has a dark twist in our lyrics while the music stays pretty easy to digest. The band name stems from The Stock Exchange, only stock is not what is traded at The Soul Exchange ....

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
"Right Here" is a very good example and representative for what The Soul Exchange is all about, heavy guitar riffs and a grand vocal chorus. Hence, classic rock with a contemporary metal sound, that is the essence of the band.

What most inspires you?
As the founder of The Soul Exchange, (Hans von Bell) the band is my life and I am spending almost every waking minute either practicing guitar, doing other work for the band, composing or thinking about new endeavors for the band. I am also an avid alpine mountain climber and adventurer and I get inspiration from the nature and traveling. However, I also draw inspiration from books and movies. To me, every song is a story told, musically and lyrically. As I am not a great lyricist, I prefer expressing myself through my instrument and writing music. The lyrical content of the bands' songs, I leave to our vocalist Daniel John.

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The Music Business…
The streaming services have opened up a whole new market for artists/musicians today for better or worse. These days, new artists don't necessarily need a record deal to release their music to the public. However, this trend also means that the large amount of music being released makes it very difficult for new artists to break through all the noise. The record labels used to serve as some sort of quality filter for what was being released. The Soul Exchange are fortunate to being signed to a great record label, Pride & Joy Music in Germany, that works very hard to get us out there!

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Jacqueline Jax: Radio host of AVA Live Radio

”I’m really excited to listen to a band that is trying to bring awareness to the world about pollution and global warming. Taking care of our own precious eco system is something that sadly gets overlooked. I recently discovered the water bottle crises in the world and it’s been songs like this that remind me to take action. Thank you for making a difference through your art. Much respect. “