The Swinging Chads 'Melissa' goes no 1 from their 'Bringing the Heat' Album

The swinging chads melissa avaliveradio.png

Song: Melissa

Artist: The Swinging Chads

Genre: Indie Pop Songwriter

This Song; Is the first completed for this album" Bringing the Heat'The Swinging Chads were on the road in Elko,Nevada,Our friend /Story teller Ronnie Maulden was in house that week. He had given me the Melissa Story a few months before our road trip.At this dinner meeting ,Melissa was there at our Chad Feast. After talking to her during the course of the meal.

I was able to write this song that evening and when arriving back home, I booked recording time with Keith Goddette at his studio; Fellow Chads Norman Collins and Larry Otis on Guitars and me on the Keys, Bass, Vocals and Horn Arraignments. We added Ken Ingels on drums the next week.

A friend at KRLA in SO Cal had called to see if we had new songs ready. A year later XR Power Radio has given the band two awards for a number one song.

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