New Release from The Swinging Chads 'The Lizard'

The swinging chads The Lizard.png

Artist: The Swinging Chads
New Release: The Lizard

Genre: Classic Rock with a new twist

A story of adaptation to a hostile environment with Carlos Castanada and Rod Sterling as your guides. Taking a less traveled musical path to "El Topo of main stream art house film in the 60s, this song is a movie in ones imagination..

This timeline that we have landed on is the richest soil in which an musical artist can place the art for the world to enjoy.

The biz has mutated to all forms of world music. What the audience enjoys the most is a story that relates to their here and now. People crave acceptance and will dance with joy when it beats at their door.

A good story holds up to the time in which we share. Lets make it interesting. My love for the Creator jolts through my music. This gift will be availible long after my lifespane has come to completion. My foot print left Joy, Love and Peace.



Randy from the Swinging Chads comes on the show to speak with Jacqueline Jax about their new single ‘The Lizard’ and making music in California. Enjoy fun conversation and interesting facts about The Swinging Chads you may have missed.

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Very interesting (sorry about your Donkey😂😆🤣) cute!


I’m pretty sure a heat lamp and some bugs are what makes a lizard tick 🤘🏻💜


Dope af! 🔥💯 send us one of your tracks for radio airplay and live review ! Wealthentsubmissions@ we got you every Monday at 9pm EST.


Really liked the flow and sound. Way to go man!


Very imaginative, really enjoyed this 😀😀👏👏