Behind the Music with Then Falls The Sky on Letting Go

Band Name: Then Falls The Sky
Nick Barlage - Vocals
Chad McElwee - Guitar
Jacob Smith - Guitar
Oney Michaels - Bass
Amanda McElwee - Drums

Song name: Letting Go

Music Genre: Metal core

I live in... Ohio

Link to play:

This song is about...
Letting Go” is a song about not letting your past define your future. Letting go and just living in the present.

My music is...
We have a very energetic approach to our music. We all have our own challenges to overcome, and music is how we turn that negative into a positive. We are always trying to capture our current emotions and incorporate that into our new material. We have never tried to sound like someone else, or jump on the newest trends, we just write music that feels good in that moment.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
This new EP that we are writing is sounding amazing. No one is holding back. We have amazing chemistry right now and it’s starting to show with this new single “Letting Go”. We are very excited for this coming EP and for 2019.

What most inspires you?: 
Music can be timeless. One song can transport me to a good memory of my past, another can get me through the hardest of days. I just don’t know where or who I would be without music in my life. 

My passion for music is why I create. My guitar can tell stories far better than I ever will. Story telling is something I’m working on doing better, although my story is far from over.

The internet has changed the music industry. It can be difficult for bands to “breakout” in the traditional sense, but there is an upside. It has become easier to grow a fan base than ever before. We just need to do the work.

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Nick Barlage (Vocals ) speaks with Jacqueline Jax about their new single “Letting Go” the current direction of the band and what you can expect from the New EP coming out in June. Also what their Backstage Pass Subscribers Area is like for music fans and how important it is to build a special connection with your band members. Nick gave us some amazing insights into reaching that next level of comfort with your sound.

What’s your direction this year?

Last year we focused on live but this year is EP release time. The EP will be similar to “LettingGo” except you can expect a less aggressive vibe with unique messages and a deeper connection with the lyrics. Shooting for June then some great shows towards the end of 2019.

How artists are feeling a lack of connection in society and how they are trying to reflect it in their music for their fans to emerce themselves in through the new material.

Challenge for artists:
Finding yourself as an artist and as a band is difficult. Your emotionally booked just in managing the relationships within the band and making sure you develop that sense of safety and connection with your band members.

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Twitter and Facebook seem like the 2 biggest ways we connect with our fans but we just launched a Backstage experience for our core fans to get in deeper with the band. Come join:

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