Get Hooked On The Real Hooks and Their Song Heart Attack

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Band Name: The Real Hooks
– Nick Hooks
– Kyle Hooks
– Maggie Hooks
– Raleigh Hooks

Person Interviewing: Kyle Hooks

Song name: Heart Attack

Music Genre:: Pop

 Heart Attack is about the up-and-down nature of love, where your love can make you stressed, upset, sick, angry, and like you’re going to have a heart attack; at the same time, that love is also the cure to all of those problems. We’ve all felt it, tried to get away from it, turned back to it, and tried again.

The first half of the song is about trying to get away from her, but then it flips in the second half with the line, “Can’t you see that you’re the cause and the cure?” and that’s when we realize that rather than run from it, you’ve gotta turn right into it.

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Episode #563: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax:

Our music is fun and light-hearted. It’s almost always up tempo and full of harmonies. It just kind of represents who we are as people. We like to joke around, have fun, and bring other people into the fun together with us. It really manifests itself at our live shows where it’s all high-energy and exciting.

Heart Attack is a great representation of our musical instincts. We all love to branch out and explore other styles and elements, but at our core we love the kind of up tempo, simple, powerful, exciting beats and melodies that we heard from our music heroes like the Beatles, Huey Lewis, Sum 41, and personally, I love me some Taylor Swift.

We’ve worked in home studios, big time studios in New York, LA, Nashville, and Atlanta, and we’ve written songs when we just happen to be out driving around. It always starts with an idea, and we just run with it wherever we happen to be. Heart Attack started with the guitar riff, and one of us just blurted out, “Baby, loving you is like a heart attack” and we built it all from there. You wouldn’t believe what the song originally sounded like lol. As far as equipment goes, we’re musicians that focus on the instruments. I got a great deal on a 50th anniversary Fender Strat, and that’s my go-to guitar for sure. If I could sing like that guitar does we’d be set. Maggie loves building sounds in her keyboards, Raleigh will make any drumkit sound like magic, and dad (our bass player) is in love with Reverend Guitars and always records with his Reverend Rumblefish.

There’s gotta be a good balance between discipline and passion. Music is the passion, but without the discipline, it’s really easy to get distracted by other things. Netflix, anyone? I’ve just gotta turn the TV off, put the phone away, and pick up an instrument. When your band is your family, it makes it a little easier to have a musical life and a life outside of music because when rehearsal is over, you’re already there with family, ready to have a big dinner.


The piece of music advice that forever changed our way of thinking, “More cowbell!”

There really hasn’t been any greater advancement in musical technology than the cowbell, and a great man told me once that he had a fever, and the only cure was more cowbell. We’ve lived by those words ever since. Song is too slow? Well have we tried more cowbell yet? The singing is off-key today…have we tried more cowbell?

I live in Pensacola. The music scene here is a lot of beach music. If you can sing Jimmy Buffet songs and can keep the sand out of your equipment, you can make a good living out here.


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