Behind The Music with Thomas Thunder on Night Terrors

Artist: Thomas Thunder
11 year old drummer and songwriter

Song name: Night Terrors

Music Genre:: Progressive Rock

I live in... Fairhaven, Ma. About an hour South of Boston, Ma.

Link to play::
Night Terrors is an instrumental, progressive rock concept with horror film elements. In the words of a fan " it's the soundtrack for creepy clown nightmares". For rock fans, there's both a heavy drum and guitar element, and for prog fans there's synthesized keyboards and lots of tempo changes. If you love scary movies, this song will transport you right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

My music is...
My music is a combination of Instrumental, Progressive Rock along with Symphonic elements. The listener is taken on a roller coaster ride of genre and tempo changes, like watching an exciting movie or reading a thrilling book. Focusing on the musicality versus the lyrics is what I want for music. Too often the musicians get overlooked in the band, and that's what my music offers: focusing on the musician.

My song Night Terrors is like my other songs in that it's both an Instrumental and Progressive Rock style. I finished writing it before Halloween, and that was the theme I was going for: writing a song for a Halloween themed movie. I would like my music to be heard not only on listening platforms like iHeart Radio, but also as a film score. I would like to see that for all of my music.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking…
There are a few things that inspire my thoughts about my music. Attending School of Rock Seekonk encourages me to write my own music, and they support all my accomplishments. I'm able to perform with live bands, and listening to all different styles of music inspires me. Also, after listening to Pink Floyd's the Wall and Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Weber when I was ten years-old, changed my view of music. Writing concept albums, where each song tells another part of a story, is amazing to me. I wrote my first concept album that had 19 songs, and the one song I released from that "A New Kitten" won an award at the 2018 Eventide Theater Songwriting competition in the Instrumental category.

I love to create music because it's fun, and I get to express myself however I want.

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New Episode: 660 Behind The Music with Thomas Thunder on Night Terrors

 11 year old drummer and songwriter, Thomas Thunder joins host Jacqueline Jax for a Behind The Music Chat on his early music career, how he dedicates his time and what’s ahead for 2019.

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