Tiona Campbell opened for Neal McCoy at Dosey Doe Big Barn

Tiona Campbell opened for Neal McCoy at Dosey Doe Big Barn https://youtu.be/0eBkn73KE7U

Artists name: Tiona Campbell 
“Daily Bread” is off the Southern Girl EP 

Genre: Christian Country 

Tiona Campbell is a female christian singer who creates Christian Country music videos with a unique and soulful style. If your searching for songs about journey in life you have found the best female christian singer songwriter in indie music today. 

“I have 2 EP’s (small albums) out on all digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and etc. I’ll be back in the studio this month to record 3 new songs. You will hear new music this August. “

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Your songs are about your journey through life.. that's so admirable that your willing to speak your truth in order for others to feel understood but I have a hunch that it's been a healing process for you as well. 

How has the process of doing this effected you? 

I walked through forgiveness in a whole new way. I love God and I love people so Forgiveness is normally pretty easy for me. This was the first time I had to forgive over and over until I healed. There is a song on my new album called “Forgiveness” I wrote it one way and then re wrote it a different way. The second and final rewrite is what helped me heal. Singing the lyrics over and over helped me. 

I almost didn’t release “Forgiveness “ because it was such a vulnerable song and I didn’t think it was good enough. It has been one of the best songs I’ve written 100% by myself and it has helped so many people. 

I’m so glad  I didn’t listen to my fears and decided to release “Forgiveness “. I never dreamed it would help so many. That’s means so much as a singer songwriter. 

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Looking back at your journey so far what have you learned?

I’m so glad I’ve stayed true to myself and when one door closes I just go knock on the next door. Eventually another one opens. 

What most stands out to you about your work?

I write about love, hope, faith and heartbreak. I do it in a Christian Country Singer Songwriter style. I know music and words are powerful so I’m very intentional about encouraging you with my lyrics through my music. 

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What was your experience like opening up for the country legend Neal McCoy? How did it come about? 

Was there something funny or inspiring that occurred prior, during or after this event?

I am my own booking agent. So I contacted the venue asking if I could open up for any artist coming to his venue this year. The owner of the venue was so kind to say yes and after a few weeks Neal McCoy approved it. Neal is the nicest guy and one of the best entertainers I’ve seen in a while. He really engages with his audience with his songs, covers songs and jokes. He is hilarious!!

I had several people from the crowd come up to me say where have you been ? Even Neal. Where do you sing at?  We’ve never heard of you. They proceeded to say they loved my originals and covers and couldn’t believe they had never heard of me. It made my night!!  

What's your top 3 on our bucket list next?

- gigging in Nashville 

-gigging in London

-going to the Grammys 

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Twitter: @TionaShari