The first look at Tiona Campbell's New Video Southern Girl

Artist Tiona Campbell

Name of Song: "Southern Girl"

Genre: Christian Country 

Tiona Campbell is a female christian singer who creates Christian Country music videos with a unique and soulful style. 

My new music video is based on the prodigal son story from the bible but in my musical story she is the Southern Girl. We have all gotten lost in life trying to find our way, trying to find who we are, and trying to figure out our journey in life. My song is to encourage you and remind you that God is the answer to all of that. He left the porch light on until you find your way back home to him. 

This song is off my new EP "Southern Girl" and will be released before the holidays. This new EP has songs to encourage you and remind that we don't have to be strong enough, wise enough, or brave enough because God is enough. That even though forgiveness may  not be easy it's exactly what we have to do.

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We have to let go and let God do what only he can do to free our soul. My final message on this new EP is that no matter what we go through God will give us his Daily Bread  just focus on him and take it day by day. 

Back story is it is filmed in my hometown in, San Augustine, TX. I was born and raised there until I was about 15 then we moved. I sang in the hometown festival as you will see in the footage of "Southern Girl" music video. The house we filmed at used to be a Bed and Breakfast when I was a little girl. The population of this town is about 2100 so I was raised as a small town girl .



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