Behind The music with TJ Marion on Disposable

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Band Name: TJ Marion

Song name: Disposable

Music Genre: Pop

I live in... Richmond, California

Link to play:

First, thank you for your platform. My name is Todd Marion, Jr., but my stage name is TJ Marion. I am an artist who has been singing since I was a child. As I aged I started making my own music and started diving in to the arts even more. As a result I became an Actor (Although I double majored, got a degree in theatre), I became a producer, and became a writer (I published my Masters Thesis) and songwriter.

I have been in several groups. However the only group I made traction with was Local-MU12. A bicoastal group where I was able to work with many of my idols on our first project. As an artist, I felt that although I love making music, the direction of Local-MU12 didn’t really mesh with my artistry. So, I left the group and started playing with sounds to make my sound.

Below I have provided a link to my latest single titled Disposable. “Disposable" is a Indie Pop, RnB, Country record with a lot of soul influences. It is about #selflove ... not that weird self love involving lotion and napkins though, lol. But, true love of self. Looking yourself in the mirror and recognizing all of your flaws before anyone else, and despite whatever those flaws maybe, love yourself anyway. If those flaws bother you, 1st embrace them, accept them as part of yourself, then work on, as the KING #michaeljackson said, work on that #maninthemirror.

The music I create is intended to make the listener think. I create thought pieces. Life inspires me to do so. Life is full of ups and downs. I am choosing to make my art the soundtrack to life.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
This release fits perfectly with the direction I am going currently. I want my art to be more introspective. This song does just that because it was inspired by the difficulties my wife and I faced when trying to give life to our children. All except 1 doctor requested that we terminate!

What most inspires you?
Although life in general inspire me, the love I see in my children’s eyes give me so much inspiration. Them being just them makes me want to work 1million times harder.

The music business & being a musician today…
Being a musician today is a gift and a curse. It is a gift to be an artist today because it the business aspect and the ability to record has become more attainable for independent artists, but it is also a curse do to the fact that platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal have such a vast database, it makes it difficult for artist to make a wave in an ocean of artists.

Website & social media links:
Instagram: @tj_marion

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TJ Marion chats with Jacqueline Jax about building on your own organic flow when making music. TJ went to school to study acting with a double major in theatre. He became a producer and a writer publishing his Masters Thesis all while writing songs to follow his passion. Also listen to his views on formal education vs self education. It’s a great show that will inspire all creators to push themselves and make some tough decisions about your future.


Check out his shoes..

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