Behind The Music with Nat Berhanu  on 'The Realist'

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Band Name: Nat Berhanu
Song name: The Realist
Music Genre:: #Trap #Pop #Hiphop

I live in... England

Link to play:

This song is about..
The title reflects how life has been so far #TheRealist is about facing what is in front of us and winning and moving on. Not to be afraid. Be strong and courageous and giving hand to those that need it.

My music is...
about Water Light. The concept is about encountering negativity with being positive, put the fire out with water when there is fire. To celebrate, to dance, to chill.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
I have to get on radio and gain more listeners. Also for those who have heard my music, their will see a difference in the current release.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?: 
There are two pieces of advise that I have taken from two super stars, One is from Michael Jackson The King Of Pop, '..... Walk tall do not pay attention to the garbage.' 

The other one is Prince, 'Music is the ultimate power.'

The music business has to operate at the higher level of consciousness at all times. Nat Berhanu

Creating music is what I've known all my life, all the other things I had to learn. When I started playing that organ at 8 years old, there was no one there - I just played, played and played. It was simple and authentic.

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Behind The Music with Nat Berhanu on The Realist

Episode 671 Behind The Music with Nat Berhanu on The Realist" by A.V.A Live Radio Music ⚓

Nat Berhanu speaks with Jacqueline Jax about achieving ultimate focus as an artist and creating a solid promotional plan. This seems to be the year of the multi-faceted artist who is more focused on the depth of marketing. Rather than implementing fast surface plans, the indie artists of today are moving towards a deeper reach with a rich quality content strategy.

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Jacqueline Jax I think this is a relevant shift for Nat. I like the reflection and growth he’s demonstrating here in this release. Looking forward to seeing his progress.


💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Strong song.


Cool sound. I diig it.


😊✌.... Stunning song. Love this.


Thanks so much for your time and attention to quality of work.


Really awesome!🌸😍


Great song. I enjoyed listening to your work. You have alot of intention in your voice and great tone.


Loving this‼️ It’s a special song for sure.


👍 Wow your voice has depth.


Wow man you have done it really well. I can’t wait to listen to more. Great job AVA for discovering this artist.


Love it! what a good tune . It’s interesting.


Theres alot of people selling programs to teach marketing. All I can say is. Dont invest in empty promises. I say this loosely because we need to focus on creating content and releasing it for our fans. If you spend too much time marketing, your fans will leave because theres no new music. A consistency plan about creating and posting will organically get people in. We're not marketers, we are creators and I think many artists lose site. That's why it's great when someone is trying to teach people social media , like@avaliveradioand@jacquelinejaxthat encourage you to post.