Country Songwriter Todd Barrow Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

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Jacqueline Jax speaks with Todd Barrow about the current state of country music and his new single “Hell and back”. The war between Texas and Nashville stations and how artists are rising from their roots.




Band Members:
Drummer- Steve Howell
Lead guitarist- Andy Blevins
Bass- Elan Sealy

Song name: Hell and Back

Music Genre: Country

I live in Burleson, Texas/ DFW area (USA)

Link to play:

Have you ever been that guy? A guy who has learned his lesson. What lesson do you ask? You know the one who regrets messing around on his significant other! 'Hell and Back' is about that guy. It's a reminder to be faithful and true to your loved one. Going down the other path can get you in trouble quick and why hurt someone you love anyhow. 

How do you create your music?

I build each song like a house. It's well thought out with each single able to stand on its own foundation. Life experiences inspire me to make music. The fact that music is universal drives me to keep writing, recording and making an impact!!! 

In the past, I have also accepted other songwriters' material that meets the standard but it's a careful consideration when you set out to invest so much time in each release. 


How do you think this release represents your current direction..

The current direction of my music takes you back to the era of early country music. In the early days of country music, there were many poor musicians. They performed live music at certain times just to feed their families. Not much of a glamorous life but necessary to survive. Their songs seemed to resonate from the soul to express what they were going thru. I believe that Country music should stay within these guidelines! To me, there is nothing better than an honest lyric. 

What most inspires you? 

I would have to say nature and the outdoors really inspire me. I enjoy traveling around just to check out new sights. Going through a big city or just a tiny town gets me ready to crank out a new tune. New experiences like zip-lining behind Barbara Mandrell's mansion in the hills. (inside joke).

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