New Single from TolbertToz 'Riverside'

Artist: TolbertToz
New Release: Riverside
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Adult Contemporary

TolbertToz is…Joy Tolbert and Tim Toz Joy & Tim’s long distance collaboration is a culmination of songwriting, studio and live experience and the innate fondness of similar tastes in Rock & Pop. They usually land on the same page. But new ideas spark new conversations and... new songs. That's where the fun is.

The "Music Business" is..
still not a fair place for the Artist. Record deals of old were unfair. Now Music Consumers are trained to never pay the Artist Directly. They may subscribe to "Streamers" and then the Streamers
still don't pay the Artist. On top of that.... now most Artist just give away all of their Music.

Music itself has not lost it's value...otherwise people wouldn't listen to it. The population at large has deemed the cost of music as free. That's unfortunate. That's why we are turning to the Blockchain sites like Choon & Musicoin. But Blockchain sites are not for Legacy Artists with actual Record Deals. They are for new Artists going forward. It's a turbulent time. A transitional time. 

We are participating in the usual sites where necessary but moving forward with Music in the Blockchain.

Being a musician today…
Probably the best time to be a Musician is right now in terms of visibilty. You do have to work on that aspect of it and be willing to pay for some promotion. It's not just making music anymore.

Social Media…
Just through Twitter alone we have made many friends and contacts.
Facebook and Instagram have their uses but Twitter appears to be more open
for Indie Artists. We are also finding other Platforms useful.

Why we love to create music..

Pretty much the same answer as... Why do I love to eat? 
Because I have to. Lol.

Really though...there is still a fascination with it.
Still willing to answer the question "Why".
Still willing to listen to the sounds in my head... and document them
when I can. 

Since I don't play as much guitar as I should...when it's time to 
record it's a lot of rehearsal, additional writing and crafting parts.
All song centric. So when that is happening it still feels fresh to me.

And my recent Number One Answer Is: Joy Tolbert

I love creating music because it’s just something inside of me that needs to come out. 
When it is released, it is like an epiphany and it makes me feel free. 
Whatever is happening in my life, or whatever situations are happening around me or the world, 
writing a song and its lyrics is my way of saying, hey! ...listen to this! Maybe it can help.



darinjellisonmusic Cool song.😀

tolberttozRight on... thank you @jacquelinejax ❗️

thekristinmouraLove the song

homerikofficialI'm feeling good today! 😎🤘 right on!!!

avaliveradio@thekristinmoura I do as well

avaliveradio@homerikofficialawesome. I really enjoyed their song.

avaliveradioA great jam for the weekend. Played you at a party and everyone loved it.

jaecabrera@avaliveradio @tolberttoznice job 🙌🏼


hanna_voxThis has a touch of The Mamas And The Papas but yet really unique, love it!!

avaliveradio@hanna_vox that’s what I was hearing as well. Great comparison

thecocoscottLove the ‘feeling good today’

karisakay76Sounds great older rock sound to me again!!

tolberttoz@avaliveradio 🤘😎🤘
Very cool... thank you ❗️

tolberttoz@hanna_vox Cool... that’s a new one... hadn’t thought of that...😁

tolberttoz@thecocoscott Thank you Coco 🤘

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thisishadar👍 👍

carmentoth111New songs ARE where the fun is 🤘🏻💜

hanna_voxThat’s really interesting!! Should definitely try long distance collaboration!

thekristinmoura....i'll check them out shortly