Tommy Ocean Releases His Project on Vinyl

Artist: Tommy Ocean

The sun was still shining… and the song I played is called “Lonely Days”

Lonely Days has some history, one of my oldest songs I rediscovered recently… I love the feel of the live version and the girl on the video swaying in groove. The whole event was called “Kulturufer” meaning something like “Culture Shore” and I played on the “Soundsofa” stage (“Soundcouch” stage, the red couch behind me). It was a one hour gig on September the 27th, starting at 8:30 pm. The weather was nice and warm, lake Bodensee behind me, a fountain spouting, post card atmosphere, the nicest stage I’ve ever played on. The organization team was very helpful, I got even a little bit of rock star treatment and sold my first record after the show without advertising on stage. Cool!


Video 2

(after sunset) is "Another Day, Another Time” 

a song of hope and one of my DNA-songs… If I were to choose one last song to play, it still might be this song…

Get to know the artist…

Well, I’m making music now full-time for about one and a half year: It all started on a camping ground somewhere in Northern Denmark where people were stoked about my voice, later on I got signed by an indie label (FBP Publishing), canceled the contract because I was a bit unhappy, went indie, went spontaneously to London to play open mic, was discovered by the host Carl Chamberlain of Wandsworth Radio . 

who put me on air one with with my song “The Present”

“The Beggar”:

The song just received some really good press and the Dylan comparison: 

Bob is my number one superhero- to me better words in an article about one of my sobgs are just impossible!

(If I were to choose one celeb to play a song together, it’ll be Bob Dylan, for sure! :-))


WHAT a THRILL (even the cab driver who drove me back to the hotel knew this radio station,  wow! Felt a bit like a rockstar!)

Then I recorded “Which Way The Wind Blows” 

which opened the door to NYC!

Aaron Zimmer of Leesta Vall invited me to do this “Direct-To-Vinyl” live session (via ReverbNation)! I’m so happy to do that because it’s exactly what I love the most.

It reminds me of the sixties, Bob Dylan, Richie Havens, Paul Simon-all my heroes did stuff like that! For me it’s the best thing to do in terms of recording.

And now little Tommy from good old Germany records in NYC to vinyl! Can you believe that? I can’t! So cool! That’s why I’m desperately try to sell these records as they will be really, really nice I guess. And I want the endeavour to be a success! Do everything I can for it! 

(click photo)

After that, I have no further plan in music, hoping to open new doors in NYC. Gonna play as many open mic as I can over there, Maybe I can make some new friends… It would be great to find a booking agency, I would love to play on more live events! 

I’ve just finished a song called “The Beggar” (already mentioned above), one of the most emotional songs I’ve ever written ...  I’d place it at the end of a great Hollywood movie like “Passengers” (which I love-not only because of Bob Dylan being part of the soundtrack)

And there’s another new song I released today called “Dream O Lada” - which I like pretty much. 

It’s my happy pill, describing a bit the feeling and craziness why a guy like me plays open stages in little smokey bars! You might want to have a listen-maybe you enjoy it as much as I do: