Tough On Fridays Brand New Single 'October 1'

Tough on fridays October 1.png

Artist: Tough On Fridays

New Release: ‘October 1’

Genre: Rock; Pop-Rock; Garage Rock; Alternative Rock; Pop Punk

Located in: : Georgetown, TX

Tough On Fridays is a rising alternative rock duo from Georgetown, Texas. Comprised of best friends Katie and Caleigh, the two have turned their shared passion for music into an exciting blend of pop and rock! They eschew the usual "female-fronted" tags, instead just choosing to be a rock band. Inspired by iconic alternative bands like Paramore, Green Day, Basement, and Nirvana, Katie and Caleigh work together to bring a refreshing new sound to the alternative rock genre.

The band’s unique attitude and exciting new sound have garnered serious attention from fans everywhere. Since they transitioned from a singer/songwriter duo to a three-piece band in 2017 they have set the bar high for themselves choosing to take a different route to promote their music than the norm. Only time will tell if they are successful.

Their brand-new song, "October 1,” is the lead single for a series of EPs they are releasing in 2019. Caleigh, Tough On Fridays’ guitarist, wrote a song called “Summer” (released as the “A” side for the single “Under-Appreciated” in April 2019) about her ongoing issues with seasonal depression. What is different is that Caleigh’s depression is the reverse of the usual … instead of her depression hitting in winter, hers hits in summer. Thus, “October 1” is a celebration for Caleigh of all things Fall: the change to cooler weather, Halloween, drinking coffee just to stay warm. It’s a driving, fast-paced song that sounds deceptively simple but, like fall preparing for winter, a lot is happening under the surface that’s not so readily apparent.

When we all got together to plan this project, we knew that, like all our other recording projects, we needed not only to produce a lot of material (which we usually do because we tend to work fast) but it had to keep moving our music forward. This project was totally different than our others as we recorded everything at The Bubble in Austin, TX, with engineer/producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith (Toadies, Front Bottoms, Residual Kid). This was the first time we’d had someone other than producer/manager Eric on the production side when we were creating the recordings. Having Frenchie and Eric both there, as well as a more defined direction in our records was huge for us. While we can honestly say that we love all our records (yes, we actually listen to our own stuff long after the records are done), this change in the recording process was big for us.

Coming up Next...

We just finished our Kickstarter crowdfunding project and with that, we have enough funding to do our first album which we plan on starting early next year. We recorded enough material at The Bubble in January and February so that we can release new songs every month through the end of the year including some acoustic stuff we really wanted to do. Right now, we’re catching our breath a bit since we’re both in school and just finished exams and we continue to write new stuff. Always.

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