Travis Heeter talks about the struggles of life in New Single 'Shallow Waters'

Shallow Waters travis heeter.png

Artist: Travis Heeter

New Release: Shallow Waters

Genre: Experimental (but geared towards rock, electronic, hybrid/cinematic music)

Located in: Vienna, OH

Shallow Waters is part of the beginning of the next generation of the Travis Heeter brand. The song is about the struggles of everyday life that many can relate to.

In everyday life, there will be times where others will judge you, whether its race, religion, your goals in life, or why you are here in the first place.

There will also be times where you get pushed around to the point where you're not good enough for anyone or anything. It's during those times, you have to stick up for yourself and do what’s right for you.

My music has a general message to every song that I create. It doesn’t preach the same message that most music portrays.

My major musical influences are Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and my favorite producer of all time, Celldweller!

The way that I produce music is that I’m a solo artist primarily. I sing, play some guitar, keyboard, and I produce music through software the majority of the time! After September 2019, I will be looking for people to form a live band to perform with while singing on stage!

From the direction I am taking now, it is very important and critical. The music I’m putting out currently is in correlation with my web series, Codename: Project Space. Codename: Project Space is a multi-segment series on YouTube that is based in Vienna, OH! The premise of the series is a documentation of my life while documenting the progression of my upcoming sophomore album.

My next album has a 5+ year plan. While documenting my next album, I also go to concerts and network with other acts and feature them on my show!

As of right now, we are about to reach the end of the first season of Beta Access, which is a segment of my web series, Codename: Project Space! Beta Access showcases the demos/concepts on what my next album will sound like once I start working on the full-length album!

I will also be doing a headliner show at the Westside Bowl in Youngstown, OH on Saturday, September 14th, 2019! I will be showcasing all 10 songs from the first season of Beta Access during my performance!