New Single from Undecided Future 'U'

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Artist: Undecided Future
New Release: U
Genre: Pop

AT FIRST GLANCE, YOU might be expecting an early 2000s boy band clone, but Undecided Future is an outright funk-driven pop band with a smartly-executed underlying element of 70s Funk and R&B. Their sound is making a rise in the music industry, getting radio play, prominent publication features – and landing a spot on Ryan Seacrest’s new Youtube Original, Best.Cover.Ever., where they were chosen to perform by Ludacris and Jason Derulo.

Their self-titled Album JUGO showcases maturity in songwriting, a rhythm section with a deep pocket and impressive Falsetto vocal acrobatics from front man Matt Isaac. This all coming from a group of multi-talented So-Cal beach city guys barely 21 years old. BAND MEMBERS Matt Isaac – Lead Vocals Cole Fredrick – Guitar/Vocals Nick Stone – Keyboard/Vocals Matisse Pasillas – Drums/Vocals Hayden Lyskoski – Bass/Vocals

We met at ages 15 and 16, while in High School. We all went to a performing arts school called Orange County School of the Arts, located in Santa Ana, California. Matt and Matisse wanted to form a band, so they found. Nick, Cole and Hayden at school. We had our first rehearsal in Matisse’s garage and it just clicked. That was over 6 years ago.

We all have a passion for music, and always have. We all want to become famous and make money performing - a lot of money. We love writing, being together and developing songs, music, compositions and ourselves as a group. We want to be exciting on stage, have fun, and make people have fun in hopes that people enjoy music and vibe.

We’ve been around for a lot longer than people know. We started out as a SKA band. There’s a song on our first EP called ‘Rich Kids.’ That is a classic SKA song that we actually had a following for in high school. It’s a fun story about a good-looking rich kid with a cool car, taking a girl friend away from an average guy who only had a bus pass. We had a lot of fun with SKA, but decided that we would have more fans if we wrote Pop music, so we switched gears and wrote and performed Pop covers and started writing more originals. Now I would say that we are Pop band with Funk, Hip Hop and R&B influences. We like to play current music and be relevant to our peers.

Matt, Nick and Cole have come up with the idea for the majority of the songs. Hayden and Matisse and everyone write some of the verses that each one sings. Having everyone contribute helps move the project along faster and then they also connect better to the words that they write and then sing.

We listen to a lot of different music on a daily basis: Earth, Wind & Fire, Tower of Power, Aquabats, Jimi Hendrix, Anderson Paak, Jamirouque, Stevie Wonder, Childish Gambino, there are just so many more, old and new that we draw inspiration from it’s hard to name a few.

Matt’s dad was a lead singer in a band and Matt learned to be an entertaining performer. Matisse’s dad is a professional drummer, so Matisse was born with drumsticks in his hands, Nick learned and played classical piano in 3rd grade at the Orchepia School of Music. Cole and Hayden started playing guitar in 3rd grade and continued on learning Classical, Jazz, Flamenco and Rock. So we all have different musical backgrounds, but together we gel and have a unique sound and vibe.

We usually have all of our songs and ideas ready to go when we get to a recording studio. But we are perfectionists. We all hear things that we want to make better, so as long as we have time in the studio, we will work until we get it done and everyone is happy.. We rarely leave anything unfinished or in a way that someone doesn’t like their part.

Our fans come out to our shows knowing that they are going to smile, laugh, dance, see other friends and have a lot of fun. We can do some pretty crazy things on stage like when Cole, our guitarist switches places with Matisse on drums and Matisse goes crazy singing and dancing to one of the verses in a song we cover. The crowd loves seeing Matisse in the front because he’s probably the craziest of our group and people love a little danger during our set. We also go wireless and Cole, Hayden and Matt will go and sing out into the audience. People love dancing with them as they perform.

Our first claim to fame is just being us and being who we are as individuals. But our second claim to fame is when we performed on Best.Cover.Ever. with Jason Derulo. We had to cover 3 of his songs in our Undecided Future style and out of 1,000’s of submissions., he picked the winner. We won and now we have a video with Jason Derulo that has over 7 million views. If you want a third claim to fame, we’d have to go with opening for Smash Mouth at a summer concert series or winning Best New Artist at the OC Music Awards when we were still in High School.

We have worked with Usher’s Artist Development Team for over a year now, so we now have a upbeat, funky, stage performance with us dancing, singing and having a lot of fun on stage, which is contagious to our audiences.. 

We are working more and more on branding ourselves, our look, and our stage costumes. We mix it up and don’t take ourselves too seriously and can wear some pretty funky things. We like to find our gems in thrift shops around town.

Well, our future is kind of undecided…HaHa, not really…just a joke. We have decided that our future in the music industry is in fact decided. We are all committed to get this band off the ground. We are friends, brothers, and everything to each other. We’ve spent a lot of nights on each other’s couches and floors over the past six years. We have a long way to go, but we have some of the best in the industry behind us. It’s just a matter of time, and then that lucky record label is going to put us on their roster. 

We think evolving as an artist is what it is all about. Never hope to never get stale and never stand still. Keep doing what you’re doing and love every minute of it. Otherwise it’s not worth doing it.



oldtowntonicSo easy to see they want to have fun! Looks like an awesome crew! Look at those colors!!!! ❤️

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alan_garmonswayThat could have been a Zappa type shot in a past life! Excellent pic.

thecocoscottIt looks like you guys like to have fun! That’s so important for longevity in a huge industry!

jacquelinejaxI've really been enjoying your music and suggested you to many of my fellow music curators. I'm hoping to hear back from a few key people soon as you have created something I think is very special.

undecided_future@jacquelinejax sweet! Thank u

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