Jazz Pianist Urban Regensburger New Single 'L'amour '

Urban Regensburger avaliveradio.png

Artist: Urban Regensburger
New Release: L'amour

Genre: Jazz, Cool-Jazz, Piano-Jazz, Relaxing-Piano

Urban Regensburger – cool jazz piano Life is a game. Music is a game. Urban Regensburger plays the piano. At play musical landscapes emerge. Urban Regensburger plays the piano for nearly 30 years. He loves to play and to feel into the music. The music comes directly out of his heart. In his music there is no right or wrong. It’s just playing – somehow like a little child - and being curious about it. Every song is fully improvised – no cuts, no edits. Every peace is unique. The next time he playes it, it will be different.

The music business has changed a lot. You can easily publish your songs. It's democratic. Their are many ways to promote your music. I think you have to be constant and over the time you will find your listeners, hopefully. I love to play piano. I will always continue playing, as long as I can. I'm very happy, if others enjoy my music and find some peace. I'm always searching peace ...

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