New Single from Vovkulaka 'Death Ground'

Vovkulaka deathground-01square-a.jpg

Artist: Vovkulaka

New Release: Death Ground

Genre: Metal, Dubstep

Located in: Odessa, Ukraine

This song is...
about making A Choice: Do you sit around and never act on your Dreams? Or, do create a situation where You MUST act on those Dreams? Ya, You're now in your Death Ground.

The music we are creating is...
Darkly cathartic Metal that conjures tribal spirituality, dubstep, goth, industrial, and a myriad of permeations of thrash and nu-metal. Other aesthetic signposts include the rhythmic onslaught of Slipknot, the engaging spectacle of Babymetal, and the crushing groove metal of artists like Korn, Pantera, and Rob Zombie...

Right now we are...:
Getting ready to release MORE Singles and prepare for a Tour.