New Single from Metal Band Vovkulaka ''Glory To The Heroes''

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Band Name: Vovkulaka (It means 'Werewolf' in Ukrainian language)

Person Interviewing: VolK Vovkulaka

Song name: 'Glory To The Heroes'

Music Genre:: Metal

~VolK...........Vocals and Drums
~Naya G......Dance, Percussion and Drums
~JuleZ.........Dance, Percussion and Drums
Bass/EFX/Dubstep in the "Box"

I live in...
Odessa Ukraine and Los Angeles.... Ivan lives in Varna, Bulgaria. Naya G and JuleZ live in Odessa.

Link to play:: Glory To The Heroes Lyric Video Link:

This song is about...
Euromaidan: The 2014-2015 fight for Ukrainian Independence.

...2014, in Kyiv--the Capital of Ukraine--citizens fed up with the 'Russian backed' government, started 'Maidan" (known as Euromaidan). Specifically, the people of Ukraine were upset that the Kyiv government nixed an agreement to begin working with the EU. Instead, they signed an agreement with Putin and the Russian Kremlin. Protests led to conflicts with government forces. This fierce fighting resulted in the death of the "Heavenly Hundred" in Maidan Square:100 Ukrainian Citizens gunned down by Ukrainian Police. Eventually, sitting President Yanukovych was forced to resign and a new Government was established (Currently,Ukraine is getting closer to joining the EU). 

...During this time of Maidan, the Ukrainian People became very Patriotic. Looking to their past, they went back to the 1900's and their historic struggle for Independence. Stepan Bandera...Hero to many Ukrainians...Fought the Russian Communist and Hitler Forces for Ukrainian Independence. At this time, Stepan created this Patriotic Expression:

Glory to Ukraine...Glory to the Heroes

During Maidan, those fighting the Yanukovych government brought back this expression as a rallying cry for Ukrainian Patriots. It means Glory to Ukraine and those who have died in fighting for Ukraine Independence. So, we wrote 'Glory To The Heroes' for the Ukrainian People. We gave the song to them...

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
It represents our direction perfectly. Within our dark, angry, and evil sound...There is always a message.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
My friend, who used to play Drums for Black Sabbath, taught me something very powerful:

"...When you create...You Risk..."

He told me that Black Sabbath was hated by music journalists. The things the music press said and wrote were heinous and negative. But, the Sabs kept writing what they wanted, risking the horrible reviews. He taught me that you have to make what you want, stick to your vision, stay true to self, and create knowing that you risk the opinion of others...But with this risk, trust in what you create.

I make music and write lyrics because I must...
Making and Playing Metal is a how I deal with my darkness...


VolK, Naya G, JuleZ talks about the new single, “Glory to the Heros’ which was created to honor the Ukraine revolution. We also talked about their love of ghost hunting and the spiritual realm. As they get ready to saturate 6 new singles the band prepares for a tour.

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