New Single from Czechia's Weather called Silent Approach

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Artist: Weather

New Release: Silent Approach

Genre: Indie Pop, Post Punk, Alternative Rock,

Located in: : Tabor (Czechia)

This song was written a month ago and it displays my feeling. It is an abstract form of writing lyrics. But the main theme of this song is the tiredness of our wasted society. There is a huge expectation of all of us that we can not fulfill during our short life. Weather is a one-man band whose music is influenced by the 90s DIY scene of Olympia, by new wave of post-punk and DIY hardcore punk from Czechia.

I made my studio at home and finally, I am completely independent to release my songs how they are coming out of me.

I am currently recording a full-length album probably released just online. If there is some independent record label which is interested in my music and wants to help me spread my music around, I will be very glad... Just contact me.