Behind The Music with Wildman Pebo Wilson on I Drink Alone


Band Name: Wildman Pebo Wilson

Person Interviewing: Pebo Wilson

Song name: I Drink Alone

Music Genre: Country Rock

I live in: Newport, Tennessee

Link to play:

This song is about...
Loving someone and not having the courage to swallow your pride and tell that person you're in love with.

My music is...
My chance of making a mark on music history. Just another step to getting to the next level. I love to create music and to always strive to be different, with my music and as a person. The words "Be patient" changed my perspective on music and the industry and changed my life.

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Interview New Episode 685 Behind The Music with Wildman Pebo Wilson

How to make your mark in Country music today..

From burning guitars on stage to sitting in a burning casket with a snake, entertaining in unique ways is crucial to getting attention in the biz and Wildman Pebo Wilson has probably done it. ‘These days everyone wants to hear tail gate and party songs in country music, so you’ve got to push your own boundaries on stage and think of ways to stand out.”

Todays Country music has a wide open spectrum of what’s acceptable today from Rock influences to pop infusions. Pretty much anything goes as long as it’s entertaining and memorable.

Wildman Pebo Wilson is Co-staring in a movie ‘Red Forest’ available on Amazon Prime. I’m getting ready to do another movie soon as well as a Behind The Scenes Tv series. I’m also trying to get my own Tv show series started on Amazon Prime about a day in the life of making music, hunting and doing what we do in Tennessee.