Behind the Music with Will Moffett on At War With Myself


Band Name: Will Moffett
Person Interviewing: Will Moffett
Song name: At War with myself

I know that I am going in the right direction because my music keeps getting better.

 This song is about me meeting a girl in London, England that was not interested in me. I thought she was the one and I was rejected because she did not like me. Well, the song is mostly about, the famous actress Emma Watson and me wanting her to be my girlfriend and lover.

My music is really fun to listen to and I think it's great. I think my music is a huge improvement in the quality of songwriting. 

The music advice that I was given is to always keep writing songs to get better at them. Getting into the music business I want my money back. Really a lot of people spend lots of money but never go anywhere in the music industry.

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