New Single from Cwiredband Little Sisters

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Artist: Cwiredband

New Release: Little Sisters

Genre: Rock

Located in: Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

This song is...
“Little Sisters” hit the radio November 2018 and immediately started climbing the charts. Starting at #16 on the DRT Top 50 Rock, #67 on the DRT Global Top 150 Independent, and #175 on the DRT Global Top 200 Airplay charts, the radio single has not stopped moving up. Now in the 6th week of its radio campaign, “Little Sisters” finds itself at #12 on the Global Top 50 Rock, #47 on the Global Top 150 Independent, and #132 on the Global Top 200 Airplay charts. The radio single has also found some success overseas, sitting at #6 on the Euro Indie Music charts after starting at #89 in its first week overseas.


The music we are creating is...
The Ark of Music writes, “Conceptually explorative. Full of sound! A love-tipped saw-blade. The writing in C-Wired’s latest album, Angel Circuit Engaged, does its damnedest to encourage listeners to simultaneously let go where they’ve clenched, and hold-on where they’ve slipped. Musically: its 80’s-style, psychedelically-laced, rock-centric core is as impressive as any studio production you’ll encounter today. Layers of guitar, synth and vocal sounds and melodies dance and strut all over the album, giving listeners more than just lyrics to ponder".

Right now we are...
Cwiredband is working on an European tour and recording its next EP

Twitter @c_wired

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