New Release from Mike Freund 'What Would I Do Without You'

Mike Freund 1 avaliveradio.png

Artist: Mike Freund

New Release: What Would I Do Without You

Genre: Rock - sub genre - Adult Alternative

There’s nothing like the bond between a father and daughter. Charleston blues rocker Mike Freund knows this -- that’s why he enlisted his daughter Madisyn for his single “What Would I Do Without You,” a tender ballad that finds Madi’s sweetened, distant vocals contributing to a hazy harmony. Because the track is so special to them both, Mike and Madi released their music video (courtesy of videographer and director Jason Bennett of Docent Prodigy) for it on August 5th of this year. The video explains the answer the the question the song asks. "What Would I Do Without You" is the expression of gratitude for a life otherwise not lived. The song promises to inspire and the video promises to provoke viewers emotionally.

I love to make music…
It's who I am. It's what I do. It's therapeutic. It's the only way I know how to truly express myself. And when I see how my music moves people, the long hours and hard work it takes to write and record it, is all worth it!



jacquelinejaxFew things compare to that bond

jaecabreraThat's the ultimate feeling when your music connects with someone 🙏🏼

charleesasoundAhh so sweet that you did something with your daughter Mike.. I also enlisted my Mamas help to be the voice of my narration at the end of my song Things to smile about released in July 😍 It is done an amazing piece of my own life history that will with me long after either of us has transformed from this earthly world x

charleesasound@jacquelinejax I agree

homerikofficialFather and daughter and that's awesome!

tiona_music_journey_Songwriting is so healing ❤️

carmentoth111Not a lot of father and daughter duos out there so pretty cool 🤘🏻💜

themikefreundbandThank you all for the kind words

themikefreundband@charleesasound I'll be sure to check it out

willinthehallThat’s a really great story :) I love learning the meaning behind things

theofficialniffSo true

nytro_tMusic is me.

hanna_voxYeees every word was so touching and relatable!! Amazing

awildfrontierVery cool!🤘

charleesasound@themikefreundbandThank you that's real sweet... link in my bio 😉

thekristinmouraMusic is definitely who I am to

_ayre_Just sayin… keep on doing that!

jacquelinejaxI adore the way this song has managed to capture a wonderful relationship and still mark a time capsule moment between a father and daughter.

avaliveradioSuch a touching song. And even more impactful now that I’ve seen the video.

themikefreundbandIt was a labor of love

sirdanielsdVery moving song!! 👍🏽#inspiration

homerikofficialBeautiful and very touching

hanna_voxThis is soo beautiful, so nice

caramel_dmvSounds like a great song and from the looks...the video will be laying out a story line that will be a tear dropper 😊. Nice 👏👏👏👏