Yes M.A.M. Murderer of Love

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Artist: Yes M.A.M.

New Release: Murderer of Love

Genre: Country with a little Jazz influence thrown in

Located in: Canton, Georgia

This song is...
our 1st song in the studio as a band. It’s also the 1st and only song that I have written on a keyboard, since I really don't know how to play one. As the song started to take life, it became an unusual mix of Jazz (hence the saxophone) and outlaw country with Americana story telling.

Murderer of Love is written about that first love, who you trusted with all you heart but let you down, just walked away as if your love didn't matter. I love the story telling side of music, especially country. I think every song needs a strong story, and if you can combine that with the right instrumentation, you get something very special. That's one of the reasons bands like the Eagles have influenced me as they deliver both. I also hear that in songwriters like Gary Allen, George Strait, and Hank Williams Jr. When a songwriter can combine a good story with a good musical lick, it works for me every time.

The music…
With the the release of "Murderer of Love" we are hoping to bring good old fashion story telling with a Jazz type vibe to Country Music. Who doesn't like a little Sax now and then. This song also marks the 1st release as a band. Myself and Jordan, the other member who is playing Sax on the record, have worked hard for the past year and a half getting this song ready and now with our newest member, Allen, we look forward to the direction the music will take us. It’s a great start.

Right now we are...
getting ready to record a new Demo with the newest member of ‘Yes M.A.M. ‘ . The new song will be a throwback to the R&B music of the 60"s with a country style of story telling. After that, we will be playing the local art festival herein Canton Georgia May 5th, and then we will be heading a songwriter session in Canton as well on the 11th of May. The year as already been off to a great start musically.