New Release from Hip Hop Artist Y.K.O 'Motivated'


Artist: Y.K.O
New Release: Motivated
Genre: hiphop , rap , singer - songwriter

I'm a new artiest living in fort Myers FL been making music since I was 17 or 18 years old I love music very much.. my song motivated is a song to never give up always Encourage yourself toward your dreams with confidence.

I think the music business is a blessing for any artiest that believe they have talent to make it in life as far as for myself as well.. being a musician today for myself is a blessing from god as before I never really knew that I would be a musician... I suppose it came to me with a gift...

I love making music because it inspires me to keep moving forward, it's always been the key to my every day routine in life. Every day I'm always coming up with different ideas for different music.  I'm always listening to music and pretty much most of my ideas come from real life situations.

I feel like when I make music it's like medicine , it always calms me down and allows me to enter a world where it's just me writing my lyrics...