New Techno Release from Zaxoff called Saxtech


Artist: Zaxoff

New Release: Saxtech

Genre: Techno Dance

Located in: : Sion Switzerland

This music is a part of a dream come true. I am really happy to realize this dream of making cool live music. I was influenced by an artist "Yannick Barman" who makes live music with his trumpet, a computer and a microphone. I had never seen her and I was so impressed that I wanted to do it my way. During a long processes I learned for myself how to make electronic music first on tablet and then on computer this music is cool but I do not use my last knowledge which is the live looping.

This song is important because it is how I discovered my possibilities in terms of Live Production. It is necessary that I record my screen when I do this to be able to show to the world of the web how I proceed.

Right now … I'm working on a Free Energy project.