Zeelley Moon gets vulnerable on his New Single 'Smile'

Zeelley Moon avaliveradio.png

Artist: Zeelley Moon

New Release: Smile

Genre: Alternative rock

Located in:  UK

Described as our most ‘Pink Floyd’ style song, it's quite philosophical and about unresolved feelings about a lost loved one but also people not showing or sharing their vulnerabilities. A gentle reflective intro on piano and a very indulgent but appropriate outro with beautiful guitar and Hammond organ which help to drive home the emotion of this song.

Zeelley Moon creates music inspired from many different influences and does not tie itself down to any genre, although many Prog fans have picked up on it. 'Smile' is our second most downloaded song. Perhaps it leans towards the more conventional side of Zeelley Moon's style while remaining a strong and individual style.

Currently, we are concentrating on writing and recording new material. This will be for the next album.