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This song is about...
Don't Stop was recently voted an indie-pop hit. It is a song about feeling torn, stuck between the old and the new. It apparently has a very strong following in Mexico were I opened my fashion show with the song. The captured footage of the show also captures people singing along to the tune. To me this was an amazing site and feeling to hear my song blasted by a top D.J.

Just after a famous soap opera star introduced the clothing line. I took a second to admire the massive four story club with a crowd of 4,000 or more people getting into my song. As a budding songwriter, a couple years ago, I don't think I thought about how far that song would go. My heart stopped a little to hear the introduction and then the pulsing dance beat. I scanned the crowd to see people moving their lips to the music. 

There are new songs and fashion-based concerts coming. I have come a long way in my journey. I have decided to start updating my social media with performances since this is the next logical step. I feel at first I thought I could get by as a songwriter who happens to sing well and kind of let music tracks out without getting much attention.

As it turns out I was selected by the world's largest indie-arts organization to preform in my hometown and Austin,TX. I put on fashion shows with my music tracks. The models, which include the reigning Miss Texas and Miss Mexico, gave this jaw-dropping expression when I told them they were also modeling my music. Some had to ask again, "You sang these songs?" I guess I blew some minds by answering, "...and also wrote them." 

It seemed pretty clear to a lot of the group that I should not just walk out at the end of the show as a designer, I need to preform my music too. This was the main request in my Mexico City fashion showcase where a stage was directly above the catwallk.

So... I have come a terribly long, long, way from a confused girl with torn feelings going off to find someone to produce my emotions. I am now modeling next to Miss Mexico while we walk a fashion line all the way down the catwalk to my songs...and coming up... I'll be full-blown preforming for everyone. As my songwriting progresses I am touching on subjects like female empowerment that are outside the realm of love songs. I would like everyone to follow along to see where it goes next.

My music is...
my soul. I feel my music is my soul. I feel connected when I sing. I don't know what I mean by that but I'll try to explain. I think everyone carries these thoughts running through our heads all day. Maybe we don't feel good enough. Maybe we have bills to pay.

All of these thoughts just keeping flowing through us. When I sing all of that falls away. I am just in the truest state of myself. I feel the vibration of my vocal chords but most of the time I don't think about what it is coming out of my mouth. It just comes out like feeling. That is, we don't think about feeling, we just feel.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
When I wrote this song I was in between a rock-and-a-hard-place. One of my largest crushes came along, asked for my number, but the timing was really off. I felt both of us weren't free to explore that so it just ended as this really awkward number exchange that might have left both parties feeling like, "what the heck was that about." I channeled all that awkward tension into my music.

This provided a lot of the material for my first songs. As time as passed and I decided that songwriting is what I enjoy doing I have decided to explore other topics. Sometimes I let myself regress, but it all depends on what decides to come out of me. I just let the ideas flow and let them take me in whatever direction they are going.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
I think the best music advice I ever got was to read biographies. I learned a lot from "From This Moment On" the Shania Twain biography. This explains the reality of trying to make it as a singer or songwriter. When you read a biography then you also get the story of how songs are created, set-backs, obstacles, dealing with balancing odd-jobs, and all the grit behind pursuing a dream. Shania Twain endured extreme poverty growing up in Canada. She would make mustard sandwiches to make it seem that she had something to eat at home to "fit in."

She didn't though, she would sneak out of the house to play bars at an early age. Her mom suffered from depression but helping Shania pursue this dream helped her. In a way this also helped Shania stick with it. As time passed her high school friends went on to college. Although that could not happen for Shania Twain. Both of her parents died in a car crash. It left her with one "shot" to sing at a hotel and then from there she was recognized. To me, reading how someone we consider a "star" or "singing success" actually had to endure a lot. It takes the glamour out of it but it also leaves behind a message that if you dream hard enough you can achieve it.

The music business…
Music is my soul. I don't think I have lived a day without singing or listening to music. I feel becoming a songwriter was the next logical step. I must have been so addicted to music and in need of it that when I didn't have the song I needed for the moment I needed it...I created it.

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Jacqueline Jax talks with Zita Barbara about running a fashion design company along with being a songwriter and performer. How to find your passion and balance the building of a multi faceted career. This kind of out side of the box thinking is what many artists are embracing today. It shows that there are no limits when you open your mind to all possibilities. Texas fashion show coming up.