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The music business is much different today as compared to 20 years ago. That’s why it’s so important to partner with an effective marketing team who knows what it takes to gather, nurture and keep the attention of an audience.

You are here because you told me that you need exposure for your music. You’ve worked hard and you are willing to do what it takes, but the problem is that you don’t actually know what it takes and even though your music is terrific that doesn’t mean people will listen to it.

I’m trying to fix that!!

I’m looking to educate you on how to properly brand and market your music online in 2019.

Sure, it sounds great but is it possible for you? Yes it is.

Do you need fancy equipment to do it? No, just your cell phone.

Plus a little help from me here at AVA Live Radio. 

We have everything you need plus an enormous wealth of knowledge to offer you that you didn’t even realize you needed. At least until now! 

I want to get to know your career goals.
Not the shallow ones…

I want to know about the goals that make a difference. The goals that you choose to pursue are the actions that you take every day.

Those actions establish your value and credibility with your audience and within the music industry.

BUT..You can’t make an impact by fitting yourself into someone else’s box just because you can’t see yourself in the boxes that you are exposed to.

You also can’t live in a bubble surrounded by careers that don’t fit you, you’ve got to discover where you are going to fit in this business and I want to help you identify that so we can help you build on your strengths.

Now for the first step forward..

The Gold Series package. 
I’ve just put together a special package that accomplishes two specific things.

It gives you exposure for your music and it helps you to build credibility with an audience who’s willing to listen to you. 

As a bonus, I’ve added some personal help into this package because I realize that not every artist is the same and you couldn’t possibly know what to do to capture the audience that’s listening to the episodes. 

So you and I are going to work together on this one. 

Trust in me and I will get you moving in the right direction. I know that you need this, so I’m offering it to you this one time. 

This is a game-changing opportunity to help you build your career. 

But most of all, I want the time to evaluate your current direction and efforts so I can give you a strategy that will work to help you grow for these next 3 months. 

It’s really important that you take action every day that will make a difference, that’s my job and I do that very well.

Here is how you signup: 

Gold Plus: Music launching Series
199.00 599.00

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What you will get…

BEHIND THE MUSIC + PLUS PACKAGE + Career advancement

Magazine, Blog and Behind The Music Live Interview Package
Cost Today: $125.00 :: Value: $258.50

  • Work with Jacqueline Jax to evaluate your current direction and get a custom strategy that you can use for the next 3 months to move forward and improve your results. ( this has been brought to you by our sponsors: Spotify and Anchor fm)

  • Figure out where you fit and how you should define your message to the audience for more effective marketing. 
    ( this has been brought to you by our sponsors: Spotify and Anchor fm)

  • A featured article page on our website which includes cover art. (see samples) (560,000 music subscribers on email) Our website currently has 3.9 million visits per month.

  • You get both: Behind The Music live interview on AVA Live Radio and all 15 broadcasting channels and a New Music Segment Push across our broadcast of your featured single.

  • A featured artists article in your choice of American Pride Magazine, British Invasion Magazine or 6ix Magazine in Canada + Magazine cover art + social media advertising

  • Featured New Music Announcement in the Indie Music Spin newsletter and social media pages.

  • AVA Live Radio Tumblr music blog feature post in Music News and Industry.

  • A featured announcement on Nationally popular website “Medium” in the Music Business News Section.

  • * Press Release: Our mailed press releases include more than 3,600 fm and college radio stations in larger markets, filmmakers, commercial advertising agencies, booking agents and music journal writers.

  • * Our show plays on 15 different channels including :BTR, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Anchor fm, iTunes, Google play, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Stitcher Podcasts.

  • * Your Song placed in our Spotify playlists rotation.

  • * Professional Digital Banner adds created by our art department to enhance marketing.

  • * Social Media Marketing across facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus, tumblr& linkedin. Using your music links.

  • * Multiple Facebook feature music add placement on different music accounts and groups.

  • * Twitter Fans Promotion: featuring your music on 6 different music accounts (see current stats in pictures)SIGN UP NOW
    March Signups will close soon..

Gold Plus: Music launching Series
199.00 599.00

How does it work?

AVA Live Radio is a music industry network creating daily music interviews, playlist and music rotations to highlight indie artists work from all over the world. We work hard to bring new opportunities to artists.


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What are social media funnels?

Social media funnels are created by dripping out carefully created social media content about your project over time to multiple social media pages all over the internet. Each one of those posts acts like a breadcrumb leading people to one place which in this case is your featured press page we will create for you on the website.

When we post about you for 15 days, all of those social media funnels keep turning as people retweet, share, like, comment and interact with them. Some social media content stays live for months and some have shorter life spans but all are effective in branding and helping you to gain exposure to new targeted music fans.

SOcial Media Reach

We have a viral reach for our posts across a minimum of 40 different Twitter pages. All of our contributors are very supportive and helpful in pushing content forward so that we can maximize the reach of every post we create across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and linkedin. We shape the content you give us to maximize this reach and then give you stats along the way. Let’s get you in our viral spins.

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How does the Press release work?

We have been building relationships with people in the music industry, movie and film industry, sync licensing and music journalism for 10 years. These are all key people that you need looking at your music every time you launch. We create and send a press release out every Monday and Wednesday to all the people on our list so they can take a look at your story, listen to your music and start getting to know you. If someone reaches out to us directly to offer you an opportunity, we make sure the opportunity is offered to you and help you navigate through any questions you may have.

How MUCH Exposure do I get each time?

We have not had any bad feedback from our artists and we have a high rate of returning regular launches from record labels, independent artists and management teams who love to work with our fast professional team. Our feedback says everything. Artists typically love the Behind The Music Live Interview series and the New Music Segments to showcase their newest tracks to both industry and fans. Each package is filled with promotional opportunities and we are always customizing them with each customer to make them better. All segments launching on our broadcasts are pushing to 14 different channels for added exposure reaching an average of 2 million listeners a year. The segments do not disappear after the airings, they stay out on the streams as On Demand episodes for ever as a digital footprint tracing your musical journey in history.

We also cycle all the segments through social media multiple times over months for that added push to new music fans.

We do all the work so you can keep that great music coming.

Are you ready to get started?

Other packages available…

Gold Plus: Music launching Series
199.00 599.00

Have a question? Contact us: here

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