How To Get More Views On Youtube Using Instagram

Do you already have people following you on social media? Even if you don't have a large following the strategy I'm going to tell you today will not only help you to grow your fan base, if you execute it well your engagement will improve and people will be more likely to watch and share the video right when it's launched. Those first 100+ views right when the video launches can help tremendously in getting your video to show up in organic search results. Without those great search results and people sharing that video, it will never go viral. 

So let's look at ways to make this happen through one of the most popular social apps on the internet: Instagram 

1. Let your followers make choices for you through Instagram polls and daily posts.

“I Let My Instagram Followers Control My Life” and it's really fun. In fact, this is one of the latest video trends to sweep social media. Using the polls feature on your Instagram stories, artists can let fans make all their decisions over a twenty-four hour period.

Here's a list of interesting choices for your followers to make.

A. What should I wear for the video today? 
Outfit A or B ( picture the outfits on you on arrange them on a clean surface for the photo)

B. Help me pick a location for the video
Give people some options and make finding your video location a week of stories and posts as well as a final poll.

C. Choose editing features for the video
There are so many choices to make when your editing a video. Once great thing to vote on is Black and white vs color. This allows people to anticipate the final project but also take a big part in the editing process. If you ask the right questions, you also get real insights into what people like about your content. This is also a great time to introduce previous videos that may have shown an editing style or filter before. 

D. Thumbnails:
You must decide on the thumbnail for every video. Asking people to help with this decision both in stories and on your main front face of the instagram app makes for an awesome engagement post. Give it a try. Make a collage of 2 or 4 images to choose from and label them A,B,C,D then let people vote it up. 

E. Pick a day for the launch/ Pick a time to launch
This is important because the more people can be around for that launch, the better your video can do in search. Those first hours of video launch are really important to ranking your video in organic search. Plus allowing them to pick a time acts as a gentle reminder to everyone who votes that the video is ready to launch.


2. Start a video comment party

Boost your engagement by telling people you will be answering all the comments for the first hour you launch your video. Then as each comment comes in, don't just write a thank you. Make sure you engage to keep the commenting in action by asking questions for each commenter to answer.

This video was filmed on the beach in California, where do you think we should film the next one? 

Thanks for commenting on the video. I was thinking of doing a song with an awesome guitar solo next, Who's your favorite artists right now? I need some inspiration. 

How do you like the black and white filter over seeing the video in full color? 

Thanks for being one of my first watchers. The theme of the song really means alot to me because it talks about how I overcame a huge hurdle in my life. Have you ever felt like..... ?


3. Create a contest

Great video sharing ideas for instagram include contests to win tee shirts and things that people love. Once you know what your followers love to get from you, it gives you leverage for engagement and you can then ask for something in exchange. 

On instagram you can create a video post for your stories and also the front of your page that asks people to help you celebrate your upcoming video launch by tagging their friends. 

Explain that you'll pick a winner on Friday and announce them in your stories. To enter to win, just watch the video preview post, tag 3 friends and leave a comment. 


Another great giveaway idea if the prize is really valuable :



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