**PLATINUM Sponsor a Music Video + Music + All Access Pass


**PLATINUM Sponsor a Music Video + Music + All Access Pass


Are you ready to help me make a music video?
You can pick a song or leave it up to me but since you’re sponsoring my next music video, you’ll be credited publicly for giving me this ultimate gift of doing something that I love to do. Let’s make some music together..

+ Digital download of my 1st Album “PS I Love You”
+ “Feels like Home” Album digital and Physical Limited edition CD
+ Special personalized thank you video addressed to you for sponsoring my next video filmed while I prepared and filled the video. (included in the Daily vlog)
+ A personally autographed photo from the video photoshoot : numbered
+ Your own personal copy of the music video completed
+ Private Area Access Pass to experience the music first right as I’m creating each track. In this private members only area, you can join my live streams, read my daily journal, access all the vlogs and music videos created during the project. You’ll have access to all my music first before anyone while the project is being made.

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