Discover 10 New ways to attract people to your Facebook page

1. Sharable Meme: A 'meme' is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. The majority of modern memes are captioned photos that are intended to be funny, often as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior. Other memes can be videos and verbal expressions. Some memes have heavier and more philosophical content. The world of memes (which rhymes with 'teams') is noteworthy for two reasons: it is a worldwide social phenomenon, and memes behave like a mass of infectious flu and cold viruses, traveling from person to person quickly through social media.

2. Videos that share some value with your audience and introduce a call to action. For instance sharing some insights into a piece of upcoming content your about to post on a page or a video that your about to launch. (Likes and comments)

 3. An expression photo or a selfie. The most expression the better on these. If you want to boost engagement do something that both fits your brand and is either odd, funny or makes people look twice. (Likes and comments)

4. Live: Going live always encourages engagement. People will not only speak to you during the live show but typically leave comments on the replay as well. If you answer them, you can additionally keep that conversation going.  (comments)

5. Professional Photos: If you value your brand, you should also schedule a professional action photoshoot to stash an inventory of new photo’s for your upcoming releases and daily content strategy. Drip them out one at a time as your tell your story and then revisit them again at the end of a month as a flashback album. It keeps you fresh in people’s minds and makes a huge statement about how you value your brand.  (comments, like)

6. Ask a question to stimulate the conversation:  use a question and encouraging photo to get more than a 3 word answers from people. People love to stay busy and engage on social media so of coarse if you ask a question that will be understood by your audience, they will participate and keep your post in front of lots of people over several days. (likes and comments)

7. Build your tribe:  Identify your community and build your posts to appeal to those people in it. Everyone attracts a particular group that best relates to your content on your page. Try to identify who that is and work at producing more content that best fits their needs and will be of the greatest value to them. Insights tell us a lot about this so plan some posts and take a look at your insights to see what people engage with the most so that you can keep giving them more of that in different ways. (example: inspiring words with a photo, funny jokes, live streams of cover songs.) 

How do you find people?

Stay tune because I’ll be covering that soon in this series. Plus as a subscriber to email you’ll get the full written list of my show notes to refer back to any time you loose your way and need to get back track.

8. Words that are banned by Facebook: Scammy, bossy words that aren’t allowed: Add, sponsored, sale, buy, like, share, tag, view, free.  (You’ll want this later, book mark because you’ll need it, have one and you’ll get a second from me)

No bitly links on Facebook.

9. How many posts on Facebook: under 25,000 followers 2-4 posts a day is plenty.  100,000 you can do more but over all I would focus on building engagement and connecting people in the comments of each post that you have published. That’s where you can share so much more with each person through conversation.

10. Feed Facebook with a comment post that encourage comments, Place a post that gets likes, shares and comments.