Strategies for Growing Your Youtube Channel

Hello Insider,

Have you set a goal to develop and grow your Youtube Channel this year? I highly recommend it. 

It's not only a terrific video launching tool that allows you to embed video into your website and social media pages, it's also the top rated search engine for just about everything and anything you can imagine.

Youtube is a top choice for musicians and Entertainers because it allows you to gain exposure with video on a huge internationally recognized platform. There are over a billion users now and more on their way in this next 4 years as 360 video and smart Tv's become the standard in every household.

Right now more than 50% of Youtube viewers come from mobile devices and there are 88 countries accessing the site. 50% of the consistent content creators earn more than 100,000 per year with their channel and fans who watch your youtube video regularly tend to be more dedicated fans than on any other platform.


Here are 5 important things you should be doing to gain more Youtube followers.

1. Content: 
It’s really important to create content that people are searching for as early as you can. It helps to make your channel more relevant.

For instance::
A. Cover a song that's just come out as quickly as you can and if a song is nominated for an award, then you can bet that there is going to be a huge surge of searches by people looking to discover a brand new versions. That could be you! 90% of the channels you see rising to the top didn't start off just by launching their own music in this space. If they would have done only that, they would never have been seen massive growth on their channels. 

This does not necessarily mean that you have to create an elaborate video version early on in your youtube career, it just has to have clear video, good lighting and very good audio. This is fairly easy to gain by either plugging directly into your soundboard, recording in a room with awesome acoustics or creating a video version that is dubbed in after the fact. (Just make sure your lips match if your doing closeups.) 

This also includes popular topics discussed on your channel like: "What I learned when..." or "What I plan on learning from developing this new album..."

2. Upload more often:
Consistently creating and uploading content is really important as you are trying to gain subscribers and credibility as a channel and artist. The more you upload, the faster your channel will grow. This does not mean that you shouldn't focus on providing great content, it just means that you must build up your video catalogue and provide new content for your subscribers once a week at least if possible. That's only about 4 videos a month.

Example: This can even be 1 song and then 1 topic video to encourage connection with the audience. I also recommend working on creating content for your channel that responds to popular trending topics. This could be a discussion on just about anything that goes along with your views or channel theme. If it inspires you to create a video, then that passion will most likely inspire others. Use your channel to show what it's like to be in your world. 

Now with the addition of the live streaming youtube app, you can actually produce live video right on the platform and edit the video in your video channel manager without the need for expensive software. No excuses. :)

3. Collaborations : 
You can collaborate with another channel, musician or producer to introduce fresh and innovative experiences to your fans. You don't even have to be in the same town to collaborate.

Example: I see people working together across global continents. With dropbox and file sharing you can film your video independently and edit it all together in iMovie. It's all so easy now for people to work together and put collaboration videos on each others channels. A great way to do this would be doing a clip of the finished product with some behind the scenes on one channel and then pointing it to another channel where the final version is hosted. Playlists can be arranged on both channels show the videos in order and a hashtag could be used to allow people to follow the progression of any support blogs, pictures, etc that you have released along the way.

4. Focus on encouraging engagement:
By asking questions and speaking candidly with your audience either on your video or in the comments. If your singing, look into the camera. Remember Youtube is a one on one experience and people love to feel like your focused on them. The more you can reach out through video, the more likely people are to subscribe to your channel and watch you on a regular basis. 

5. Build Community: 
Give your attention to the people who show up for you on all social media channels. Appreciate your supporters and acknowledge them. Encourage listeners of your video to subscribe to your email list and connect with you off the platform as well. Include your twitter, facebook and instagram pages in the description box. Your community is your money maker so go after them and actively make them your superfans by caring about their interests in the same way you want them to care about yours. A Super fan typically is a buyer but not always. Sometimes they can be your most avid listener who shares everything you have. It only takes 5 minutes a couple of times a day to make that connection so visit channels you subscribe to and leave comments. 

Example: I use Twitter to drive traffic to youtube all the time. Some times I'll recommend videos in conversation if someones having a tough time, I recommend playlists that serve a purpose (party, sunday chill time, meditation) and I also let my new followers know that they are always welcome to leave their video links in comments on my youtube channel so people can see them. It drives new viewers and encourages engagement. I typically gain a new subscriber this way and we have some cool stuff to talk about on each others channels.  


Jacqueline Jax
Host of A.V.A Live Radio
Entertainment Branding Specialist
& Creator of the Music Marketing Insider