Secret's Of Success : Knowing When To Get Your Game On

"There's no loosing, only learning. There's no failure only opportunity, and there's no problems only solutions"


  1. Fear: 
    To get in the game you have to be willing to fail. If your not moving forward because your afraid to fail, then you'll never experience the big wins. Getting things wrong is just as important as getting them right. I learn more from what didn't work because that helps you shape your direction. People who are successful typically find the greatest successes from getting to know what they are great at but you can't discover that truly without letting go of fear of failure. 
  2. Get Your Game On:
    What are you waiting for? Jump in today. Get out a sheet of paper and start writing a plan. Give yourself a 48 hour goal right now. Even if it's just to learn what you don't know so you can figure out what you need to do to get your game on, that's a step in the right direction.  Challenge yourself to get in the game today, don't wait for a time that may never come. 
  3. Know when to move on:
    If keeping going means you have to cause physical or mental damage to yourself, then move on to another plan. Successes are mostly found through problem solving. First you have to believe in your self and have the passion for what your doing so that there's value in the struggle for you. Then you try out ideas and attack the hurdles along the way. Some you'll be able to climb right over and some you'll have to eventually walk around them a different way but knowing when to make that decision to move in a different direction in order to achieve the same goal is a mentality learned with experience. 
  4. Learn from the mistakes:
    You learn so much more from your mistakes. There's no such thing as absolute failure.  "Not Trying" at all is the only huge way to officially fail. Each time something doesn't work out, define that as something that doesn't work and examine that lesson for answers.
    Take something simple like launching an email list. Take your first 100 people and send them an email. If they don't open it or they unsubscribe look at the title and content objectively. There is so much you could learn from something that doesn't get the reaction it was hoping for. Examine all those details like title and content. Look at who's on your list and see if those people are even a good fit for the content you shared. There's so much to learn from a try and fail. Use that opportunity to become much more knowledgable and move forward right away. Take yourself for a run and then jump back into the game!

Those are my top 4 ways to Get Your Game on. I hope you enjoyed the video. Please share it with your friends, leave me a comment below about what you learned from a failure and go watch Secret's of success Episodes 1, 2, 3.