Master Class on Building Your Indie Music Brand with Youtube

Good Morning Insider,

As always I am focused on delivering the very best information to you so I arranged for one of my good friends, Youtube Consultant Tracy Timberlake to collaborate with me on an awesome strategy session on how to build a successful indie music youtube channel.

I started working with Tracy almost 10 years ago and now she's an internationally award winning Youtube content creator who now advises women on how to build their business on youtube.

We are always strategizing over cocktails about the future of video and live streaming so this time I thought I would arrange a special strategy session that you could benefit from. 

In today's Insider we discuss how Indie Artists should be using Youtube to build their music brands and connect with an audience. 

Difference between Youtube and Facebook:

- It takes time to build either one, so be patient and stick with it.

- Your Youtube content will always be available and organic searchable, facebook doesn't have a way for people to search your videos unless you create a hashtag and market that.

- The life span of your posts on facebook is much shorter than Youtube. People will be able to discover your youtube videos for years to come and it's better to have an inventory for each new person to view.

- Facebook wants you to pay for adds for people to see your videos, Youtube pays you for your video content.

- Facebook isn't streaming in HD yet, Youtube has much better definition with 4k video supported

- Facebook is a better profile for Live streaming where Youtube can be used to get your name and content into worldwide seach.

- Youtube has an amazing search and is supported by Google search


Brand building Tips:

- Content: Always create the best content you can. Add a microphone to improve the audio and use a tripod for stability. Edit down the video so any uninteresting frames magically disappear.

- Thumbnails: attract people to your video and get that view with great custom thumbnails. (Large bold text, High contrast, and close up shots)

- Great Title: Make it searchable and include your name but be specific to the video by adding details like in studio or filmed in New York City to the title.

- Niche Tags: New female Indie Rock Music, Female Indie Rock artist from Germany.

- Description box: Use that box to list the social media accounts and turn it into a mini blog post. Include details about your band, set the scene for the video, include production and even where and how it was created.

- Use the default settings to auto include your social media links and basic descriptions about you to each video, then fill in the rest.

- The time a viewers stays on the video is important so keep the videos short. 4-6 minutes is the sweet spot. Longer video's can be broken into shorter segments and linked together in the description and tags.



Searchable Content & Advertising:

- 360 marketing strategy: Make a 60 second video teaser to drive people from instagram, facebook, and twitter to the youtube channel.

- Use live streaming platforms to advertise your youtube channel.


Why are Playlists are important on youtube:

Youtube is focusing on how long people stay on your content so developing playlists is so important to keep people focused on your content for longer periods of time. Playlist viewers are more likely to share their playlists and are typically prepared to run a playlist all the way through which can get your music in front of a music fan more effectively.

- Tailoring your playlist around what's most current or a micro-niche are two very effective strategies to make an impact

- Use your playlists to draw attention to your music by association and creating playlists of value to a specific audience.


Using youtube as your vlog:

- It's important to look at youtube as a way for you to connect with people. This is a great tool to allow people to see your personality as well as the latest music. Be sure to stick to focused and valuable content for your channel and make the videos as interesting as possible.

- 5-8 minute vlogs are fun to watch and don't typically have a lot of lag time during the broadcast.

- You can create them on the fly and edit pieces together or go live to create a vlog. Both are effective.


What social media pages are most valuable for sharing your music videos?

- Anything visual depending on your niche: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are great platforms for advertising your videos. There are some tricks to this of coarse so I'll be focusing on each one of these individually in the future Music marketing Insiders.

- When you target your video with a description, keywords and tags, look at specific things such as who it would appeal to and what value it may offer. This will help you form better search categories around your videos that appeal to a micro-niche rather than trying to appeal to everyone. Quality views and followers make you money so that's what you should be shooting for.

Example: 'Young Female Mothers Fighting Depression' or 'Inspirational music for meditation and healing' or 'New Memorial Day Weekend Party Music Playlist', or Working Mom Pop country music fans, Grunge metal techno indie rock songs, creating an indie music video in los angeles, behind the scenes filming the Jacqueline Jax classic rock indie music video in Miami Florida, creating indie rock music single in a south florida recording studio, how we recorded our new hiphop indie music album/mixtape.

How did you like this master class today?
Lot's more fun surprises coming up. 

Jacqueline Jax
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